Business divisions

The Delignit Group’s operational business is divided into two target markets: AUTOMOTIVE and TECHNOLOGICAL APPLICATIONS:

Target market AUTOMOTIVE:

The target market AUTOMOTIVE division primarily focuses on the production and sale of safety features (interior) and loading area protection for light commercial vehicles (transporters). These systems are used as floors, walls and partitions on light commercial vehicles by leading manufacturers, both in OEM and SHOP versions. Within the product group passenger cars there is also, on the basis on renewable resources, equipment for passenger car interiors, (e.g. luggage compartment covers) which are delivered to notable OEMs.


The target market TECHNOLOGICAL APPLICATIONS products are divided into building equipment, special applications and standard. The focus here lies among other things on floors for production sites and rail vehicles, fire safety and sound proofing in public buildings, which includes safety components and construction elements (doors, windows, partitions), as well as on tool construction (e.g. production of sheet-forming tools).


The broad range of Delignit materials as well as their special technical properties constitute the basis for a variety of different applications.

In close communication with our customers, we continuously discuss new tasks and jointly develop innovative problem solutions based on Delignit. Which continuously results in new applications and areas of use for Delignit products and systems.

Delignit materials, systems and applications may be encountered in everyday life, e.g. as fittings in the loading areas of transporters, wall panelling in opera houses, floors on rail vehicles, sound posts in pianos and in security counters at banks.