Your positive environmental balance

is our responsibility

For many of our customers, the environmental balance of their products plays an important role. If different application solutions based on different materials are available, the sustainability of the Delignit® product can be the deciding factor.

Sustainable action in harmony with nature

Only as much wood as grows back in the forests is used for processing.

Ecological and sustainable circulation system which creats today the basis for tomorrow

Use of renewable raw materials - A valuable contribution to climate protection

The forest is a chemical factory powered by the sun - its trees produce carbon dioxide (CO2) from the air, as well as water and nutrients from the soil, wood, bark and foliage. In addition, oxygen (O2) is released. Moreover, this happens without disturbance, without waste and exhaust gases, quietly, environmentally friendly and fully automatically. In addition, the forest fulfils the function of a local recreation area and green lung.

For every cubic metre of wood, a tree has filtered about 900 kilograms of carbon dioxide from the air and stored about 250 kilograms of carbon dioxide.

In this way, more than 20 times as much carbon dioxide is stored in European forests as is emitted annually. Forests and the wood taken from them and processed further thus represent an important sink for the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide.

By processing them into particularly wear-resistant and thus long-lasting Delignit® components and systems, the release through rotting or thermal decomposition is delayed and the storage effect is extended by the service life.

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