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Main trading data

Market place (Xetra and/or Frankfurt): Xetra and Frankfurt (Scale)
Designated Sponsor: ODDO BHF Corporates & Markets AG

Main securities information

Total number of shares: 10,242,375
Registered Capital: € 10,242,375.00
Number of shares/par value: 10,242,375/1.00
Shareholder structure: MBB SE: 60,4 %
Free float: 39,6 %

Company information

Established: 2007
Country:  Germany
End of Business Year: 31.12.
Accounting Standard:  IFRS
Duty to consolidate: Yes
Name and function of legal representatives: Markus Büscher (CEO), Thorsten Duray (CSO)
Contact mail address of legal representatives*:,
Supervisory Board (if available): Gert-Maria Freimuth (Chair of the Supervisory Board), Anton Breitkopf, Bettina Hausmann
Name of Applying Capital Market Partner:  ODDO BHF Public limited company
Name of Supporting Capital Market Partner: ODDO BHF Public limited company

About the company

Description of operational business: The Delignit AG develops, manufactures and sells ecological materials and system solutions that usually use deciduous timber in the form of “Delignit”, a natural and sustainable composite hardwood material. The Delignit AG is a recognised development, project and series supplier for technology industries such as the automotive, aviation and railway sectors. The operating business of the Delignit AG is divided into the target markets of Automotive and Technological Applications.   
Statement of business areas and products: The target markets of the Delignit AG are found in the area of Automotive and Technological Applications. The Delignit AG’s portfolio includes the manufacture and sale of loading area protection and security systems (interior) for the light commercial vehicle class, interior equipment for cars, floors for production sites and rail vehicles, fire protection and sound insulation systems for public buildings, materials for security fittings such as building elements (doors, windows, dividing walls) and for tool manufacture (e.g. the manufacture of sheet-metal and metal forming machine tools).