Delignit – Shares

Delignit AG’s share capital is divided into 10,242,375 no-par value bearer shares. The company was floated on the stock market on 26 September 2007 at an issue price of EUR 8.00. The shares have been traded on the scale segment since 01 march 2017. A high standard of transparency for the shareholders is guaranteed as a result.

Market information:

Ticker symbol/
Reuters code
Number of shares 10,242,375
Class of shares Ordinary bearer shares with no par value (no-par shares)
Stock exchanges XETRA, Berlin, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Stuttgart, Tradegate
Main shareholder MBB SE, Berlin
Free float
60,4 %
39,6 %
Accounting standard IFRS
End of the financal year 31. December
First quotation (Entry Standard) 26.09.2007
Designated Sponsor ODDO BHF Corporates & Markets AG
Associated indexes Scale All Share, Scale All Share (share price)