It is our aim to work with our customers in the development of application- and customer-specific solutions based on Delignit. We see ourselves as a problem solver able to design and deliver the appropriate system.

The Delignit group has been working for over 200 years with the natural raw material of beech.

It possesses considerable knowledge and extensive experience in the industrial processing of beech wood. This familiarity with the material becomes particularly relevant where the focus is on achieving certain product features (e.g. fire safety, resistance to bullets and explosions and high tenacity), the use of composite materials and the creation of special coatings (e.g. resistance to wear and abrasion, conducting static electricity, anti-slip).

The combination of such specialist fields as materials, applications and systems know-how constitutes the basis for the Delignit Group’s success and the esteem we our held in by customers.

Business activities

The Delignit Group develops, produces and sells ecological materials and system solutions made of renewable raw materials under the brand name Delignit. As a recognised development, project and serial supplier of leading automotive groups, the Delignit Group is, among other things, world market leader for supplying the automotive industry with cargo bay protection and cargo securing systems for light commercial vehicles. With a variety of applications and a vertical integration that are unique in its industry, the Delignit Group serves numerous other technology sectors, for example as a worldwide system supplier of reputable rail stock manufacturers. Delignit solutions have exceptional technical properties and are also used, among other things, as trunk floors in passenger cars, interior equipment for motor caravans and special floors for factory and logistics buildings and to improve building security standards.

Delignit material is predominantly based on European hardwood, is CO2 neutral in its life cycle and therefore ecologically superior to non-regenerative materials. The use of the Delignit material therefore improves the environmental performance of customer products and meets their increasing ecological requirements. The company was founded over 200 years ago. Delignit AG is listed in the Scale segment of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

The operative business of the Delignit AG is divided according to its two target markets: AUTOMOTIVE and TECHNOLOGICAL APPLICATIONS.